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Director:  Terri Bulloss

Terri Bulloss started dancing at the young age of 3.  She is a member of  Dance Educators of America and is certified by many different dance organizations.  She also has a degree in business administration.   She is certified by many different organizations such as the Royal Academy of Dance, D.E.A., etc.  She performed with the Presterettes and Petite Ballet.  Terri has won many awards in dance and her outstanding performance skills resulted in scholarships at Debbie Reynolds Studio C in California and Gus Giordano’s Jazz Congress in Chicago.  She has performed for many artist including Mary Wilson and the Charlie Daniels Band, just to name a few.  Terri has such a diverse background in dance training such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics, Irish Step and more.  Terri resides in her home with her husband Matthew, whom everyone knows as Mr. Terri!  Her enthusiastic approach to teaching dance inspires her students to go the “step beyond”.  Terri's energy is contagious! 

Kaitlin Reid:  Miss Kaitlin is a fabulous addition to our Randolph Dance family!  She started dancing at a very young age and competed in many competitions throughout her childhood while winning various awards for her dancing skills. She is trained in mostly Jazz, Contemporary and Tap as well as her favorites, Ballet and Lyrical.  She attended DeSales University and received her B.A. in Dance while performing in their performance ensembles. Besides being a talented and fabulous choreographer and instructor, Kaitlin has had the privilege of making a career out of dance.  She worked for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, traveling the world and dancing!! We love you Miss Kaitlin and we know the kids will love you too!

Jen Berta:  We are very excited to welcome Miss Jen to our family!  She started dancing when she was a small child.  She is trained in Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Musical Theatre. She has competed in various competitions and performed in many recitals. She is a Special Education Teacher at Copeland Middle School in Rockaway and has led some of their Musical Theatre Summer Sessions as well as performed on stages herself! Miss Jen is also a mom to beautiful daughter who participated in dance when she was in school. Miss Jen's love for dance and her inclusiveness is just a few reasons why we are happy that she is part of our Family!

Kellie Sweeley:  The Randolph Dance Arts Center is proud to have Miss Kellie on our staff.  Kellie has a degree from Centenary College and has had many years of experience in the administration field. In her childhood and teen years, Kellie took a variety of dance classes herself. She always has a smile on her face, loves hanging out with the children and making sure the siblings and parents have a fun, clean and safe environment to wait in.  She is the first staff you see when coming to dance with us :)  We are happy to have her as our Randolph Dance office manager!


Bernadette McCoach:   Bernadette is an established member of our faculty.  Her vibrant personality, talent and enthusiastic presentation of ballet techniques and choreography speak for her popularity with all age groups.  Bernadette enjoyed a professional career with such notable companies as the New Jersey Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet, as well as several years in musical.  Miss Bernadette has 4 beautiful grown up children and six grandchildren she hopessomeday will follow in her footsteps...Glad to have you aboard!


Randolph Dance Arts Center

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